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Recommended Reading For Foster Folk

These are some book recommendations I found on a website for foster parents. I have added and will continue to add more. The books I recommend for teens are not necessarily books about foster care, but may deal with child abuse and personal stories that are likely to capture a teens attention. I used to be a children’s librarian in the city, so I’m familiar with teen reluctant readers. I’ll add more as I find them….

The Lost Children of Wilder – I highly recommend this, not only does it tell stories and examples of foster youth culture and how they relate to each other in an institutionalized setting, but it tells how the foster laws and practices have changed throughout the last half of the century. There is also information and examples of discrimination based on race and religion within the foster care system. The “heroin” of this non fiction story is Shirley Wilder, the book follows her life and her son’s life throughout the foster care system and narrates typical symptoms of foster care syndrome.

Higher Power of Lucky – This book is a willer of some award, it is a juvenile fiction book and is about a young girl living in a foster home with her ex step mother. She is dealing with her mother’s death and the changes taking place in her life.

 Forged By Fire – Sharon Draper -Book about a teen that has been abused. It is a good book for teens that like human interest stories about other teens. And of course it is written by an awesome author of African American teen fiction.

Returnable Girl,

The Last Chance Texaco

Brent Hartinger,


Child Called It – I can not read this book, it’s too heart breaking for me…I read it once, but I can not ever read it again. You need tough skin for this one.





**These titles can be found on or Barnes and for additional information such as synopses, reader reviews, or pricing.


Children’s Books (ages 4- 8)


Titles                                                                    Author


Just The Way You Are                                                           Max Lucado
You Are Special  
You Are Mine
Because I Love You
If Only I Had A Green Nose
All You Ever Need
Best Of All
Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born                       
Jamie Lee Curtis
I’m Gonna Like Me: Letting off A Little Self-Esteem
I Miss My Foster Parents                                                      
Stefon Herbert
My Foster Family                                                                 Jennifer Levine
A Mother for Choco                                                               Keiko Kasza
The Star: A Story to Help Young Children                          Cynthia Miller Lovel
Understand Foster Care
Zachary’s New Home: A Story for                            Geraldine Molettiere Blomquist
Foster and Adopted Children
Finding the Right Spot: When Kids                                                
Janice Levy
Can’t Live With Their Parents


Children’s Books (ages 8-12)

Mandy                                                                                     Julie Andrews Edwards
Anne of Green Gables (series)                                              Lucy Maud Montgomery
Everything on a Waffle                                                         Polly Horvath
The Secret Garden                                                                 Frances Hodgson Burnet
Long Journey Home                                                              Richard Delaney
Maybe Days: A Book for Children in Foster Care              Jennifer Wilgocki
Great Gilly Hopkins                                                              Katherine Paterson


Pre-teens and Teens


The Heart Knows Something Different:                              Al Desetta
Teenage Voices from the Foster Care System:
Youth Communication
Pictures of Hollis Woods                                                      
Patricia Reilly Giff
Pinballs                                                                                  Betsy Byars
Where I’d Like to Be                                                              Frances O’Roark Dowell
Like Family: Growing Up in Other People’s Houses:        Paula McLain
A Memoir
Foster Youth Share Their Ideas for Change, Vol. 3 
Janet Knipe, Joyce Warren
Oliver Twist                                                                           Charles Dickens


Foster Parents

Another Place at the Table: A Story of Shattered              
Kathryn Harrison Childhoods Redeemed by Love
Finding Fish:  A Memoir                                                     
Antwone Quinton Fisher
Who Will Cry For the Little Boy (poetry)
The Lost Boy                                                                         
Dave Pelzer
A Child Called It
A Man Named Dave
The Privilege of Youth
Remember Tomorrow                                                           
Charmaine Mandell
Fostering Changes                                                                Richard Delaney
Small Feats:  Unsung Accomplishments and
Everyday Heroics of Foster and Adoption Parents
Healing Power of the Family
The Sexualized Child in Foster Care                                  
Sally G. Hoyle
Women Who Hurt Themselves                                              Dusty Miller
When Rabbit Howls                                                               Truddi Chase
Rebuilding Children’s Lives: A Blueprint for                     Christena B. Baker
Treatment Foster Parents
Welcome Home: A Guide for Adoptive, Foster,             
Christopher J. Alexander
and Treatment Foster Parents
Swings Hanging from Every Tree:                                      
Susan Stone
Daily Inspiration & Reflections
for Foster/Adoptive Parents
Walk a Mile in My Shoes: A Book About                            
Judith A. B. Lee
Biological Parents for Foster Parents and
Social Workers
Preparing Adolescents for Life After Foster Care:             
Anthony N. Maluccio,
The Central Role of Foster Parents
New Foster Parents: The First Experience                   
Patricia Woodward Cautley
The Second Family                                                                Ron Taffel
Cut                                                                                          Patricia McCormick
Twenty things adopted kids
wish the adopted parents knew
                                             Sherrie Eldridge
The Post-Adoption Blues: Overcoming th
Unforeseen challenges of adoption
    Karen J. Foli, John R. Thompson
Cross Cultural Adoption:
How to answer questions from
Family, friends and community
                     Amy Coughlin, Caryn Abramowitz
For love of a child: stories of adoption                                Lisa Meadows Garfield
Creating Ceremonies:

Innovative ways to meet adoption challenges                      Cheryl A. Lieberman, Rhea K. Bufferd







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